The Nebraska Arts Council commissioned me to create this program to teach folks how to find "instruments" and create music with found sounds from their own environment.

Years ago a student thanked me for teaching her how to "make music without going to a store". She is one of many who inspired me to create this video. Hope you enjoy!

In this video you will discover:

- Instruments in your own environment

- Explore found instruments and their sounds

- Improvisation (playing in the moment)

- Composition

- Your own sound story

- Music elements

- Sound (overtone, timbre, pitch, amplitude, duration), Melody, Rhythm, Texture, Structure/Form, and Expression (dynamics, tempo, articulation)


MUSIC - All original compositions.  A collection of Michael's lifework.

PROGRAMS - Share Michael's gift with others.  Your sponsorship can bring Michael's interactive performances and workshops to your community, school, church, and business.  Arrange for a home concert for your friends.  Whatever you choose, you will be thrilled to see the joy you can bring to others.

GET YOUR OWN;  You can download and enjoy Michael's music here.


Has Michael’s music sparked a light in your day, left your feet tapping, or led to finding a bit of joy? Share the joy by supporting the artist in a way that is right for you. Many thanks!

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